Why Ads?


By Arsh Azim

Every Friday I get to read about two letters in Us asking Ed to stop printing the ads in the magazine because they make the mag look cheap. Some say that the charm of the magazine is dwindling day by day due to these advertisements. But have you ever wondered why these ads are published, or why they are important for a magazine, or for any other publication for that matter? I doubt anybody has ever given it a thought. Because most people either want their stuff to be published or they want to read articles by their favourite writers. No one is bothered about the restrictions and requirements of a publication. In this article, I will try to tell you why and how ads are important for the very survival of a publication so that you don’t crib about them the next Friday when you open the mag and see ads in it!

Advertisements are the ads you see placed in almost all publications. Magazine advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools used in today’s world. By advertising in magazines, you can reach your target audience, inform them about your products or services, and if you advertise your product in an effective manner, you can actually make them buy the product.

Any magazine is somehow or the other dependent upon advertisements. In fact, advertising can make or break a publication. Advertising by major corporations nearly always leaves a major impact on the magazine. To start with, the revenue from ads can pay for staff wages and it can help with the start up costs, too. Nearly all magazines depend on the revenue generated by the ads to stay in business. Not only that, but the right type of advertisement placed through a magazine can also boost the magazine’s sales.

Costs for placing ads in magazines vary from publication to publication, but, generally speaking, it’s expensive to advertise. Yearly, millions and billions are spent on magazine advertising throughout Pakistan. Because of the amount of money involved, the brands that are being advertised, more often than not, have a say in “what will be in the magazine”. They can stipulate where they would like the ad, what type of content should be placed next to it and even what should not be in the magazine in which they are placing the ad.

I hope you all understand how essential ads are for a magazine and I also hope that after reading this article, nobody will ask the editor to stop publishing ads in the magazine. But, what I don’t expect either is that the magazine people should take this article as an open permit to print as many ads as they want! Remember, moderation is the best path to follow!

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