Eid…Then and Now

That’s how Arsh’s parents enjoyed their Eids!

Arsh’s mother, along with her other cousins, used to arrange a mehndi night before Eid. On Eid day, they would get up around 3 a.m. and the females would get busy in the kitchen making breakfast for all. They then prepared sweetmeats and pulao before Eid prayers. When the men returned from prayers, the children used to get eidi from the elders. They collected almost Rs.150, and then visited the Eid mela arranged in their village where they spent all their eidi. Then all the youngsters organized a party, and that was the best part of their eid. They lived in a joint family, so there was no need to visit relatives.Her dad, remembering the best time of his life, says: “On Eid day, my grandfather used to wake me up from sleep by poking me with the point of his stick as I was the laziest of all my brothers and couldn’t get up early. When at last I did wake up, there used to be a row between me and my brothers over who would use the (only) bathroom first. After freshening up, we used to have breakfast in which jalebi and mithai were a must. In those times, it was a novelty to eat gulab jaman! Then all the men used to visit qabrustan to offer fatiha on the graves of our deceased relatives. After eating the meal cooked specially for Eid, our bacha party used to roam about in the village, collecting eidi. The eidi collected that way was well spent on the melas and the mouth watering food they offered.

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