"Realization, when will we wake up?”

Arsh Azim & Sadia Sheikh

When winds blow; trees, plants and leaves start talking to each other. Their whispers tap on ears which take a person to some extremely pleasant world. It feels good. When chirping birds sit on trees, it feels as if they are admiring nature and its beauty. Envisaging the same panorama, recently I went to a party in my neighborhood, where I was struck with amazement. As compared to chirping birds, sweetly whispering trees, leaves and plants, human gossips are extremely depressing and heartening. These chitchats which usually consist of nothing but inane gossips, backbiting, and silly pranks feel quite irksome. We are taught by our Creator that if we protect others secrets, our secrets will be protected by Him. But we are the people who never want to be nitpicked but are always ahead to pick holes in others, disclose their secrets and make them feel down.

In a gathering, instead of praising others for their goodies, again people love to find fault in others. They love to gossip. It’s a bad thing and our religion also doesn’t allow this but still people run after it, especially women. Now a days it is a trend that women arrange Dars (religious conference) at their homes and invite their neighbors and relatives for it. Though, they respectfully attend the assembly but soon as it comes to an end once again it is followed by useless gossiping. The usual topics in these gossips are “did u see Mrs Faheem in baraat of Hina? How cheap dress was she wearing” or “the girl in the neighbors is beautiful but she isn’t good in her habits, she sleeps most of the time and doesn’t help her mother in house chores” and so forth. They find topics and start back biting. Are these the ones which the birds do? The birds chirp, they praise their Lord, the beauty He created. But we, the humans who are sent to this world as Ashraf ul Makahlooqat, the chief beings, never realize what we actually are. We spend times in talking behind others, criticizing them all the time without realizing the fact that we are actually committing a sin, a sarcastic sin which is never forgiven until and unless the person behind whom we talk doesn’t forgive us.

Almighty may forgive us for His rights but for that of others we would not be given any relaxation unless the person agrees. A limit has been crossed now. Even in funerals women gossip and talk behind others. Instead of realizing the fact that a day will come when they will also die, they are busy in assimilating that “the so and so woman/girl cried more that the so and so woman/girl” or “the lunch they cooked wasn’t good” etc.

If a person realizes his/her day of judgment, he’ll stop gossiping! But it is a matter of “realization”. Nobody realizes. When will this happen? When will the time come when everyone would be pure, peaceful and happy? We say that our lives are not peaceful, our wishes are not being fulfilled but did we ever realize that why is this so? Nobody wants to see himself in a deep well, everybody wants to make his own way. We are all black from inside, we are sinful, yes we know it but we ignore it. Why is this so? Aren’t we all Muslims? We are but just by name. We pray but just as an obligation. The time has come to realize, wake up people, and look around you. Murders are common. Millions of people have died in suicide attacks and we are still committing sins. Pray to Allah and seek His blessings. He won’t reject us, instead He’ll welcome and forgive our bad deeds and then by realizing the real purpose of life we’ll be as peaceful as chirping birds and as light as gentle breeze.

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