Poetry Competition of PYA

The poem which was selected among top 50 best patriotic English poems in Overall Pakistan Patriotic poetry competition arranged by Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA)

Arsh Azim.

The world is ending
With no peace;
The fires of cannons
Are rubbing my streets
Destroying my houses
And finishing my homes
Belonging to those innocents
Who only made these
Just to live with peace.
The violence of evil creatures
Is causing the blood sheds
That is flowing in my streets
Which makes the mortals weep.
The hands are standing
In praying position
And the eyes are down
Wanting some rest
Even in destruction.
The helping hands are around
Providing them life which is sound,
But who will abolish the evils?
Who will restore the people?
O people of the world
A time has come
To show your beauty;
The beauty of love
The beauty of care.
O people of the world
It is a wake up call
Get up and hold us all
As my people are crying
But still, no pity at all…

7 thoughts on “Poetry Competition of PYA

  1. huh………… i m so jealous of u …….. at such a small age u r doing miracles……. keep on writing such things ….. u can bring the change all alone. wish u best of luck….:)


  2. thank you babar 🙂 don't get jealous i can help you out in anything you want 🙂 see its an opportunity for you, so come in and change the world. you can do it too, seriously 😛


  3. i m thinking abt it …. and will definitly consult u…. actualy i am a atory writer and mostly writes fairy tales and other islamic historical stories also write letters regularly to THE NEWS bt as far a complete article is concerned it will take alittle time and will need ur help….


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