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War of Elders And Youngers

It is said tat elders should be respected and it is fact that youngsters follow. Whether they respect them by heart or just on face, they surely do. But what if elders take advantage of it? It’s not their right to show their possessions on your possessions. Neither its their right to impose their powers and make them follow the right path while they themselves follow the wrong one, or is it? First they should look at themselves. So when elders lose respect, they themselves are responsible for it and not we, the youngsters.


8 thoughts on “War of Elders And Youngers

  1. sorry i dont agree….. experience matters… they forbid us from the wrong path just becoz only they know how one suffers if he fallows that path…so its for our own betterment…and we respect them not becoz they compell us to do so but they actually deserve it…


  2. @babar
    elders can be wrong as well. they shudnt stop the youngsters from anythng wen they themselves are involved in that thing…phir yahan pe i'd like to add a proverb “auron ko naseehat khud mian faseehat”, the youngsters then think that this work wont harm him because the elder is doing so and hence wud do that thing by hidden means thats worst than doing it infront of everyone. let them do watever they want because they cant realise anythng until and unless they are harmed by that thing and wen they are harmed, they automatically leave that thing 🙂



  3. so u mean to say that let i first feel the pain and then i will realize……… but u know sin or crime or any other wrong thing has its own taste , once u fell in it u cant get out, for instance i never smoked in my life so according to u, my elders should allow me to smoke, so that i come to know abt its dark side and then i will never touch it, rather than they forbid me before i start smoking…. tomarrow u gonna take their position and then i shall see what can u do for ur youngsters…. leave them on their own or help them?…


  4. Ah…ur going somewhere else, bro 🙂 rather kinda changing the topic. but I'll better clarify it to u 🙂
    the thing is for example if an elder smokes and stops his youngster from it, the youngster wud think that he himself does it n stopping me frm it. Wat the heck! he'll do it by hidden means and den get addicted to it. if he's in front of others eyes , he'll be in sight and wont be able to do at the peak but very limited…

    My point is, if an elder wants to stop a youngster from some bad thing, he should better stop him self first hence to make a good impression rather than imposing it on him 🙂 i hope you get what i really mean 🙂


  5. atill dont agree…..:) we were rivals we r and will b:) …. u know that i m right bt ur EGO stops u to accept it… so listen to ur elders , repect them , obey thm and also accept that u r not always right….:D……. and u know my nature i m a true critic… so come with very solid reason… 🙂

    PEACE NOT WAR…..:)


  6. 1st you pich a point and so i'll come with a solid reason. when there's no point, how come can i come up with something my dear? 🙂 i warmly welcome the criticism you know that. so by just saying that u r a critic doesnt really prove any thing 🙂

    Peace 🙂


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