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Play it Out

When you are getting bored and don’t feel like doing anything else except running far far away then playing with the snails can be a good time pass. Yes! Snails are also the living creatures, aren’t they? They are also supposed to be given attention. Not too many of you will agree with me but as far as my thoughts and imaginations are concerned, I thinks the insects can keep you way too busy instead of human beings. How? Simple, play with them, watch them, watch the way they move, work, creep, eat, roam around in a tiny little area that seems nothing for the BIG creatures like us. They have tiny little homes with short life spans. They are born, live for days and die. So why not spend a few minutes of our life with them rather than getting bored? I guess its fully imaginative but thought provoking 😉 THINK, there is a lot more hidden here, in my words. Just THINK and there you reach 🙂


2 thoughts on “Play it Out

  1. watch the way they move, work, creep,….

    lol, yes watch them to move if u want to sleep, very soon u will b yawning for they cover a milimeter distance in years…
    let me tell u a superstition related with snails…. never laugh ar talk infront of a snail because when u open ur mouth it starts counting ur teeth and then ultimately u will lose all those teeth… strange, funny bt damn true….. my brother lost many for he was trying to prove it wrong…… hahahahaha


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