Nokia Vs Apple- The fight Between the Best!

Nokia is one of the best companies around the globe and so is the Apple. There has always been a competition among both but when it comes to mobile phones, Nokia is always preferred.

After an Apple I-Phone was launched, Nokia came up with N95 in 2005 and it is still one of the most popular smart phones. It is mainly designed for mobile communication. One of the best features is its sound with stereo speakers and 3.5 mm audio jack. But when it comes to apple i-phone, then it lacks this quality.

As far as camera is concerned, Nokia N 95 has 5 mp camera hence having the best picture quality as compared to Apple i-phone.

For internet, Nokia n95 is considered best as compared to Apple I-phone. Nokia N95 displays full web pages and it does include flash, but no to the extent that it will play you tube videos. These are downloadable anyway from tiny tube, and there is a you tube service you can set up on the Nokia N95 well Apple I-phone has its own feature of You tube.

Now coming towards I-pods, Nokia I-pod can’t reach Apple I-pod because apple I-pod is mainly designed for music and videos and hence it has the best sound and picture quality hence apple I-Pod is far better than Nokia I-pod.

Then the laptops, Apple laptops are considered best as it has great features as compared to the Nokia ones. Although Nokia is better than other companies’ laptops but it can’t reach apple so apple wins here too.

In mobile phones, people prefer Nokia while in other items, apple is always preferred so over all, apple is the best.

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