"Sanakhwaan e taqdees e mashriq kahan hain?"


By Arsh Azim

Two brothers of a very noble family, Hafiz Mughees Butt of class 9th and Muneeb Butt, a first year student were killed on the road on their way back from a cricket match. While they were passing from a nearby crowd, they were pointed as “those are the thieves” and the crowd rushed towards them to beat them up. They were blamed for robbery that recently took place in that area, caught, beaten by sticks and stones on the road side and after they were dead, hanged upside down from the trees. Their videos were made. People stood near by as mere spectators. Later they were loaded in a truck and sent to their home. Cruelty, inhumanity, violence, barbarism; no word matches this act that took place recently in Sialkot in the Holy month of Ramazan. They were brutally killed… the future of the society, the bread earners of a noble family were killed and no action was taken at that time by the onlookers. The footage made of the incident was horrifying.

They were shouting and screaming that they weren’t the thieves, they were calling for help, they were fasting but the murderers turned deaf ears towards their cries. People there, instead of helping them, took out their mobile phones and started making videos to show it to the world that they are pitiless, they are violent and they are not humans.

It is very clear from the footage that the police was involved too. Nobody is arrested yet. An SHO was arrested but later he ran away. The Supreme Court has taken action against the SHO concerned taking notice of two murders. The case is registered against 30 people including 13 policemen. It is hereby to be informed that dozens of people tortured two young brothers to death in public in Sialkot in front of eight police officials and a mass.

In one of the television interviews with the family of these two youngsters, it was found out that the two were rozaydars, they used to pray five times, one of them was a Hafiz e Quran, a book was found in their room named Husn-e-Sulook, and still they were called robbers?

According to Mominah, 8 year old sister of Muneeb and Mughees, “Muneeb bhai was the best brother.” The mother of these two youngsters showed great patience. She continuously repeated that she didn’t cry at the death of her sons because they have returned to their original home and Allah will now protect them. She said “Mughees wanted to join the Pakistan army and was ready to do anything for his people – the same people who killed him in such volatile way. I won’t blame anyone except the police officials and the people who were beating my children.”

If you have a look at the video through YouTube, you won’t be able to watch the complete version because it’s distressing. It makes us wonder that the people who acted as the audience to the criminal act were really humans or not? Rescue 1122 – the defenders of the country – were also watching and doing nothing about it. Are they really the defenders of our country? In the Holy month of Ramazan, this inhuman act took place in Sialkot, can we possibly call ourselves Muslims? Are we a civilised nation? After watching and reading about this brutal act, I am totally speechless. Nobody can do anything in this country… can’t even raise their voice against this action.

Zara mulk k rahbaron ko bulaao

Ye manzar, ye koochay, ye galiyan dikhaao

Sanakhwaan e taqdees e mashriq ko laao

Sanakhwaan e taqdees e mashriq kahan hain?

– Sahir Ludhyanv

Now, imagine yourself in that state. Imaging you were one of them. Imagine if it was your brother in their place. I am sure you can’t even imagine it as it’s too unbearable even for your thoughts. We call ourselves one nation but we sure don’t follow the notion. They were one of us, hailing from our soil, sharing our beliefs, seconding our religion. Yet, what they got in return from us is not worth mentioning.

After the incident, I heard many overseas Pakistanis saying that they are ashamed of calling themselves Pakistani now. We, the victims of floods, earthquakes, Taliban’s appeal for justice… have enough problems on our hands and we can’t afford to have more.

Incidents like these that can be curbed, should be stopped from the very outset of the act discouraging further havoc. We deserve better than this! We have survived through tough times in the past and we can continue to do so with courage and dignity.

8 thoughts on “"Sanakhwaan e taqdees e mashriq kahan hain?"

  1. Everything written in this article has been nothing but true, but the unfortunate thing is that the society we live in fails to acknowledge such events…a really nice and motivating article! do write more and help wake up our nation!!


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