Effects of Gaming on Mind – Tells a Psychology Student

These days, as we know, many youngsters are into gaming. They play online games almost all the time. Not only youngsters but kids are also involved in this thing. Though gaming is not a bad thing but if a person plays more than a normal span of time, it can affect the person’s mind badly.

Games are of two types, outdoor and indoor. The healthy games are outdoor games that include basketball, cricket, football etc. while the unhealthy games are online games or other computer games that include GTA, Need For Speed, Call of Duty, and other racing and dress up games.

Gaming can have both positive and negative effect on the human brain. Mostly outdoor games play a positive role in one’s life rather than indoor ones. Indoor games have a very bad affect. It can even damage the nerves. By continuously staring the computer screen, besides damaging the eye sight, the nervous system is damaged. One can also become psychologically affected.

The psychological effects of online gaming are according to the types of games people play. The damages along with the types of games are as follows:

1. Fighting-related games can lead to aggression and sometimes anxiety. One becomes aggressive, short tempered and then cannot control his/her anger.
2. Arcade games can lead to weak eyesight plus brain disorders and can make a person insomniac.
3. Adventurous games either bring fear in a person or take a person into the extreme, making him/her do anything possible in bad times. This can also lead to suicide attempts.
4. Strategy games can lead to wars and terrors. It can also lead to the involvement in drug addictions.
5. Casino games either make you win or lose money. The addicts of such games lose a great amount of money in such games.

There are some positive affects of gaming too. They are:

1. Puzzle games can lead to a good imagination and make a person’s mind active and involved. They can also sharpen the mind.
2. Racing games can teach a person how to drive, control the vehicle and other rules and regulations of driving.

According to me, the good points are less as compared to the bad points so gaming should be done but in a very limited way so that it shouldn’t affect you mind and body. It’s better to become healthy rather than becoming a sufferer.

The author, Arsh Azim, is our correspondent from University of Peshawar. You can always reach her at

4 thoughts on “Effects of Gaming on Mind – Tells a Psychology Student

  1. Yeah you better do that 🙂 but the cure is in your hand too. Limit the time of the usage… e.g if you are doing it for 5 hours a day, decline it to one hour and then slowly and gradually make it once a week and then twice a month and gradually cut it out. Do it occasionally then 🙂 it's an advice 🙂


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