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And the pain
Makes a crack
In my heart,
And the drop
Falls down
On the floor,
And the floor
Slowly turns
Red and wet…

2 thoughts on “Effect

  1. why r u so hopeless…….. i was jst abt to tell u…….almst al ur writngs reflcts miseries, pain, sufferings, incurable diseases….jst get out of it ………. thes r the signs of depression, frustration etc. ur poems like that CAUSE, INSECURITY, EXPOSED, INSANE…..SO MUCH PAIN IN ALL THESE… EXACTLY U R NOT WHAT U LOOK LIKE..OBSCURE PERSONILITY….bt….ok jst forget abt it… may b m wrong… i hope so..:)


  2. HA HA HA 😀 maybe you are right or maybe wrong :p yeah an obscure personality ;)or maybe there is nothing or many things :p Remember me n your prayers 🙂


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