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Victims of Autumn

And when I passed
Across an autumn leaf
Its anguish
As if calling me to freeze
In a way, to be crunched
By their pitiless feet;
The humans or the non-beings
Whatever they are
The more they work, they only dream
The way they walk on
They blindly kill the leaves…
Pretty proud
By killing the honored “we”
O thou, people blind
Wake up at least
Once, and see the destiny
You are walking on the priests
Killing thy blessings
Eating the filthy weeds
Sucking the red blood
Murdering the pretty seeds
The seeds – mentally tortured
The victims of autumn
The very restless beings…

18 thoughts on “Victims of Autumn

  1. Arsh….budhi hogai hai yar tu….kya anab shanab likti rehti hai..time waste krti hai…kuch acha likhny ki try kr…i know you can di it,,,,lol


  2. hahaha…han janta hu mein dunya ka pehla aur shyd akhri insan hu jis k sath tum frank ho:) meri profile pic dekh k samajh nahi aie…concentrate..shyd kuch yad aa jaye…Ishhhh!!


  3. Arsh…kuch acha sa likh k dikha yar…sab se hat k…hillaaaaa k rakh de sbko…something funny…ok? aur mei dunya ka sb se bra writer hu tu meri help le skti hai if you want…lol…


  4. Oho…ab mein “app” janab hogya…kya bat hai..ab tou kabi nahi btaunga mein kaun hu…khud guess kro…aur mujhe chor k apney baray mein kuch pucho..tumhe pta chalay mein tumhe kitna janta hu…bht afsos hai yar..mjhe bhul gai……


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