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World Depression Day

Today was world’s depression day…
The day started smoothly, everything went very well. But after 9:00pm everyone I saw around me was depressed. And as life is all about the way you see it so it affected me as well for people were depressed. There might be another reason of my depression too but self betrayal is something I am always being pointed about. Hence apparently ‘ll blame the glum… After I got free, not free but had to leave everything, I texted some of my close friends. But whom ever i texted, they were gloomy and angry 😐 Some gloomy, some angry, some tensed, some crying, some not feeling well. The only one was me, ARSH, who was emotionless… No tears ,no reaction to anything but still felt suffocated, felt like screaming, shouting, dieing… During all this, I wrote 4 poems in 20 minutes. But it didn’t change me even a bit and so, I had to cover things just for the sake of others (as usual)!!! When all was set (digging-in the anguish of my heart deep inside me) I heard a girl screaming and whimpering in the lawn, outside her room… I had to put back my laptop and get up because I couldn’t bear the way she was crying. It was torturing. I went outside, gave her some water, hugged her (although I was senseless), took her to her room and came back wondering “why everyone in the world is so depressed today?” 😥

The day ended with dry eyes…

So I will consider January 13th, 2011 as the world’s depression day. It will always be remembered, if not consciously, then unconsciously for sure 😦


2 thoughts on “World Depression Day

  1. In old days Solar eclipse was a sign of gloom and doom for people, these days people enjoys the golden ring of it. They love it more when its dark and last for longer. Perception is all which makes it go up and down on the yardstick between Optimism and Pessimism.

    To cut it short,it was later when i realized the wisdom of every thing has a reason, after going through depression which i called my dark age, today i am more happy today.

    For all those who are upset, the only message for them is to wait and wait for some time.


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