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Ambassador of the Month in tVoY: Arsh Azim

My interview as “Ambassador of the Month” by The Voice of Youth (tVoY)

Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation from others. Perhaps, there is nothing more rewarding than genuine and heartfelt words of praise that are free of cost. Even when we are successfully done with our job, we do not relish our work to its fullest unless receive a sincere pat on our back. That is why we, at tVoY, espouse a special place for our most excellent representatives. Depending upon the participation of our representatives, every month we’ll choose “Ambassador of the Month” and have a little chit chat with him/her and then share with our valuable readers. 🙂

So here we go, our first Ambassador of the Month is Ms. Arsh Azim.

Conducted by: FD. Sheikh


One thing I love to do but I can’t do . . .

Well, if I can’t do it, it will happen itself. Oh yes, I have faith! 🙂

If I’m given a chance to change three things from this world they would be. . .

Abolish exams and human beings – including me -_-

My favorite pastime. . .

Reading, listening to music, browsing on the internet, watching TV, sending STUPID text messages, dancing, writing in my diary etc etc etc 😀

One question I would love to be asked . . .

Are you NORMAL?

One thing I have never told anyone yet . . .

I haven’t told it to ANYONE so why should I tell YOU? 😛

I would define life as . . .


I would love to dine out with . . .

Anyone who wants to dine out with me B-)

I would rearrange fame, money, love, honour as . . .

Love, honor, money, fame

My idea of perfect relaxation . . .

Meditation and self catharsis


tVoY wishes Ms. Arsh Azim a blessed life ahead and looks forward to have her here with us always.

You can read the original one here

6 thoughts on “Ambassador of the Month in tVoY: Arsh Azim

  1. Hey Guys, i would love to be a part this community where creativity and innovative ideas are brought into discussion. Guys, Great, Great..Good work must go on…Arsh…Congrats for being the Ambassador of the month and wishes for the thinker of the century:)


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