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Father – the man of my Heart

Fathers’ Day Special

By Arsh Azim
University of Peshawar

Writing about a father is not easy. It’s the toughest thing that has ever happened to me. In my life I never wrote about fathers, their role, their love; but this time, I cannot help it. A father’s love is truly unconditional. Many among us believe that it’s the mother who’s the most loving creature of this world but I would say that it’s the father who loves his children the most. Maybe it’s my experience but if we get to see the part of a father in ones life, we will come to know what a father really is. Father is someone who never says no. He has to do everything on his own and he’s the one who works all day to fulfill our wants (not mentioning needs here because they are already important to a father). All my life I have spent with my father and what I learnt is that “He is the best part of me.” My life could have been ridiculous if I had no father.

There are so many names to call a father: Dad, Daddy, Papa, Abba, Abbu, Baba, Abba Jan, Abu ji etcetera etcetera. But none of them can reach that one word he calls… “beta”. Without thinking whether the child is a son or a daughter, he would carry both equally and even a daughter is “beta” for him. His one sentence “Kesi ho beta?” would make us smile widely and though we aren’t fine, we would still say “Main theek hun.”

The best times spent with a father cannot be forgotten. The reason is that he is with us for a very less time but that time becomes the most memorable. Vacations cannot be enjoyed without him. Why? Because only he is the one who would tell our mother, “chorr do bachay hain enjoy karnay do.” And in a shopping mall, when we see an embellished dress, our mother would see the price tag but the father would say, “Pasand hay? Le lo.” He would never see the price.

Children are the only creatures in this world for whom a father earns, spends most of his day time outside the home, drives them to the place wherever they want to go, permits them for whatever they want to do and most importantly, lives for them till the end time.

My message to my father is:

Dear Dad!
No matter what comes in between us, you still have a big place in my heart. You really are Azeem to me like your name. 🙂 Love you a lot!
Your Daughter,

Happy fathers day to all the fathers of the world! 🙂

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