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Happy Friendship Day ♥

I at times take you all for granted but that doesn’t mean I don’t value you. Being with you is like my dreams coming true. I’ve lost many friends which at times make me feel like a lonely crying infant having a broken heart in chest 😥 but as life moves forward, friends’ choices are changed and I am no one to bring them back as I value them and let them choose best for themselves. Maybe they deserve netter than me :’) Those who’re with me now, I love you all and dedicate you my each second of life ♥ and those who went apart, my tiny little hands will always wait to grab your hands again. This day is dedicated to all my friends who were and are with me, even those who don’t need to be with me anymore and I am nomore on their top lists :’)
I love you all a lot ♥

Happy Friendship Day!

Quoted by:
Arsh Azim


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