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Shed your Ego!

Ego can never end as far as we are in a state of “I”. “I” is the worst form of ego. Super ego is just Allah i.e perfection! Some times people confuse ego with attitude. The main difference between ego and attitude is that attitude is perception or eyes through which we see the world while if we are soft in our nature, we are down to earth then that would mean that we don’t have ego in us. Ego can weaken but can never end. Ego comes with our name and the day our name is rubbed from this world, ego is automatically finished and that only happens when our life end. One should be assertive in life and speech should be as soft as possible. Ego is present in mostly those who are wrong or those who have complex in them. So next time you become egoistic, think that it’s your inferiority 😛

P.S- A random lecture to those who show ego (not attitude) =D

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