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When You Miss Something Little

It feels weird when in the mid of night, while the clock tick tocks, you just start missing something you own which is not too big yet too special and that feeling makes you so empty. Yes I can’t sleep right now just because iMiss my teddy. Although i got Barfi ♥ but still teddy has its own place. O yes! iMiss thee soooo much =( ♥
Don’t confuse the names. They are just my cute lil toys ♥

3 thoughts on “When You Miss Something Little

  1. I can feel it. I miss my teddy I had once. I miss all the bursted balloons I play with. I miss my dolls. I miss all the candies once I eat them. I miss my most favorite basket ball I had for years but it got damaged then and I bought a new one. I can relate to it. This is cute. ❤


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