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Dismal Thoughts

A dark and empty room, a hot cup of coffee and some past memories- what a combination to make yourself gloomy. That happens when you, from nowhere, just randomly place yourself in the insanity. It shouldn’t happen though, for life is all about “moving on.” Gone are the days when your behaviour was absorbed by others. Things never remain the same *smiles*
The thoughts that crash thou
The memories that blemish but sough
The times that used to cherish once
Are now breaking thee like a dunce
-From A Page of my Diary

4 thoughts on “Dismal Thoughts

  1. I don't know how it might be conceived by others, but for me, it really is a boosting dose when the life is not so very kind these days. When the hours are quite tough, when the moments are ruined by my ownself. When standing in light you feel all dark and knowing everything you know nothing. I related it to myself in a very positive manner to try somehow for kicking off all the gloomy vibe around me. I feel better. I feel happy, satisfied and contented. These simply written words have really filled my black and white picture with colors. So, thank you so much. One or the other way, it was helpful for me to bring myself back on da awaiting track of revival.
    God Bless You!


  2. Oh. That's GREAT if it helped you. Seriously, i feel like my purpose is fulfilled now 🙂
    its really GOOD to see that my words have helped u in a positive way


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