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God is Love

When a person is in problem, he gives a false Faith to himself that he’ll be out of it soon, the time will heal his pains, the problems will be graved and what not. Admit it, o humans, your faith isn’t strong the way you think of it. Later, in while, you just feel like crying out loud, asking God about why is it you only to face such a situation and why is He bringing it on you when you did nothing wrong? If you really have faith, you would never do self-pity , I bet 🙂

God never puts His creature in problems, the situation is created by a person himself because God loves his creatures more than a man himself. If we draw/paint/write/create something, we will LOVE it, isn’t that so? Then how can we even think that the GOD Who CREATED us would put us in problems when we are unable to face them or we don’t deserve them? How could one be so sure about himself other than the ONE sitting and watching us from the last layer of the 7th sky (Arsh)? He is God, come on. Why would He even bear seeing His creature suffer?

When we are in a problem, it’s just because God is trying to make us realize that there can be a bigger problem than the one we are facing. Then why not having faith in HIM, trusting HIM and saying “Alhamdolillah” on what problem we are in? It’s better to thank Him than to do self pity, dear man. And you wont be happy until you don’ face the sadness. For happiness is the absence of sadness =) Allah is Great for He created us and He can’t harm us. He just purifies our hearts and that’s it for He love us uncnditionally. He don’t need us, we need Him. And those who has none, has Allah. He is a friend, a best friend, the one whom We can love and don’t regret, He is ALLAH. As it is said very beautifully in Quran,

It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.

Alla Yaa’Lamo Man Khalaq 

A very good friend of mine said to me once, “If the pain iss taking you near Him, then bring it on and on and on, dear Allah.” So welcome the pain warmly if it shows you what your right path is. Let it be on you all the time for He deserves to be oblighed 🙂

God is Love ❤

9 thoughts on “God is Love

    You know, now I feel as if HE made you the ray of hope for me, for every time I read anything from you, my heart is calmed and relaxed. And rest you know… <3
    Thank you much. A LOT. This is awesomeness. Very Beautiful. And Very true.
    Awww. I read it once. I liked it. I read it again, I loved it. I read it once again, I lived it. *Yes, tears were rolling down my cheeks and they were taking away all the griefs making me more close to HIM.*
    Thank you, Arsh. ❤ *HUGS* :'))


  2. Once you get into Him, the doors of goodnes will open and you'll feel high on the sky 🙂 He is the BEST for He is GOD!
    You're always welcome, Hira. And thank YOU 😀 ❤


  3. Very well written! I have beem going through this phase these days…but after reading this I feel much better,much much better trust me! Great job. And I love your name. keep rocking 🙂 Stay blesses Arsh.


  4. It feels so great when someone's life gets better because of what you've written. That's eternal peace when you see someone happy just because of your words. Stay blessed, Fatimah and keep faith in Him. Thank You for the appreciation 😀 thank you for liking my name 😛 and Thank You for the wishes 🙂


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