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Naseeb :)

Naseeb- something written already and which is going to happen for sure for it’s written by Him-the Creator. Umhmm, an unrescued treasure, I would call it though 🙂 We can give it a u-turn with our thoughts for the it CAN change 🙂

Clouds, rain, wind, soul, and life: they all are so interrelated if you notice. The clouds reveal and only then does the sky rain. The soul repents and only then is the life gratified.

The strings of guitar creates a soothing music once played with the knowledge of the “right” codes. Similarly there’s a secret code of life that can take it on the “right” path and we attain Peace. Once you dig out the secret, you’ll be satisfied. The secret is right there in one’s heart, it’s the matter of evaluation only. Sit, evaluate what’s wrong about you or the things happening all around, focus on what has brought you to the state of such thoughts that makes you feel like you’re not living a better life. When the music has no proper tone, it spoils the whole rhythm. So if one doesn’t realize where the things went wrong, he won’t find self-love and would think that it’s his “naseeb” that has brought him to this state. But in Whose hands does this “naseeb” lie? The One who’s residing in your heart and is so near to you where not even you yourself can reach? Find Him and it’s not at all difficult for He’s One, Unique and Pure and would never disappoint you if you begin His search. And you can make Him yours with no regrets. Try to dig your “naseeb” and make it the wway you want it to be 🙂

-The story continues…

(Here’s my inspiration for this post. Thanks to a friend, Amna Batool for suggesting it)


5 thoughts on “Naseeb :)

  1. Yes. Like these days people sit and curse things referring to the fact, “It was written in their taqdeer, naseeb, qismat etc etc.” Initiative has to be taken, always. One needs to search that key. It is true that whatever happens is written in naseeb but still we can mould whatever is going to happen so that the fruit is even better.
    And as HE himself says that I don't help those who don't help themselves.
    I don't know whether it fits here or not but
    Iqbal said,
    Khabar nahi kiya naam hai ieska, khuda farebi ya khud farebi
    Amal se ghafil hova musalman, baana kai taqdeer ka bhana..
    Very well said so far.
    Lets see what the other side of the picture keeps.


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