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Maturity doesn’t come with the years one spend in their life but with the experiences they gain. It’s true that old people are mature enough to take decisions and what ever they say is most of the times right but it’s also true that at some points they turn out to be wrong just because they might have not experienced few things that are really life changing and are considered important. And hence their decisions at some steps of ones life can be harmful.

With knowledge and wisdom comes maturity. Wisdom is “growing up” for it comes with the passage of time and knowledge is “learning and understanding” fr it comes with the experiences. As it is said beautifully in Surah Yusuf, Verse 22:

“And when he had attained his maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge: and thus do We reward those who do good.”

One gets mature before he gets old for Allah has said it in Quran. The Creator has created us from dust, then from life germ, then from a clot of blood and then brought us to the world as a child and finally put in maturity in us and we are going towards old age. That’s how how life lead and that’s how we “grow up” 🙂

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