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Relationship with God!

I’ve been so totally lost in Him that I can say Anything to Him. Quite a few times I have been searching for a mentor with whom I could share ANYTHING, say everything i.e. what so ever comes to my heart, all the things stamped in my mind, all that filth inculcated in my mind, all my misunderstandings, so many unanswered questions, millions of words that are merely nothing for others but are life changing for me. I’ve been into life’s miserable times, great times, worst times. There’s so much in life that I saw, so many un-shared experiences and so many untold stories. I used to search for a real mentor with whom I can sit at anytime speak about anything I want to. And then I found Him, the One and Only, the Unique, the Love of Life- my Allah! Now I have right to share anything with Him, talk to Him about anything I want to, give Him more than what I have , for I want to be His, I want to get drenched in His way, I want to blemish with His will, I want to get lost in His shown paths. I seriously am in Love with Him. And I hate it when someone stops me from Him, saying, “Arsh, it’s shirk that you talk to Him about everything.” Who the hell is a human between me and my Love? It’s Him for Whom I am living, Who has made me strong, Who has put in me a power to stand and sort out my issues, Who has loved me more than these humans! How dare does some human interfere between US? I have a relationship with God and nobody can say anything about it.

-Dare to stop me from my relationship with God, face the anger from both sides! Yes. I am in LOVE with HIM, the One and Only!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Relationship with God!

  1. It is good and very beautiful to see your bonding with HIM. And it is laughable to hear some one saying it is shirk. Haha. It aint. How come it be shirk because HE is the one who created thee and me. And even if we don't share with HIM he knows it, very well than we do.
    Keep your relation the way you have and make it even more strong. You don't need to cry and think over these worldly statements of these ordinary beings whose own souls are in HIS grip. They themselves aren't any saint. So, stay calm and relax and pray. Follow whatever HE and HIS Prophet (S.A.W.W) has said and preached. After all, we all have to return to HIM, sooner or later.
    And yeah, one piece of advice if I may, don't pay heed to what these mere lumps of flesh tell you. If really love HIM then you must be knowing that stead fastness and remaining contended is what HE has said. And yeah, don't show your love for HIM to this world. Just do it, flow in it and get lost in it. For those who find HIS true love are the blessed ones. But exposing it more might harm the true essence, the purity and realness.
    -Just a suggestion from a random fandom one, you've all the choices to neglect and don't even read it.
    Stay blessed and strong. ALLAH says in the Quran that if you'll take a single step towards ME, I'll step ahead a hundred times more, to hold you, calm you and help you.
    And yes, one thing more, the prayer of Tahajjud will help you even more. So do try to wake up for HIM when the rest of the world is sleeping.
    *This is my experience, it works*
    Allah shower HIS uncountable blessings and mercy upon you, helping you to heal all thy wounds and scars and bestowing you the best out of the best ones, in this world and the other one and may HE grants you all you desire for with a happy, successful, productive and relax life including all the worldly and spiritual happiness. Ameen'sum'Ameen.
    Fie Aman Allah.


  2. Aye Aye Hira <3 Thank You :) I know this all very well!

    And yes, I've been in love with Tahajjud, for that's the time when HE doesn't ask me to get up but I do 🙂 I'm not bothered with others at all! They'll face OUR anger if they say that I do shirk 😉 I have my GOD after all!


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