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He’s Beautiful

I can’t define what beauty I’ve bee lost in, these days.My words can’t express the real feelings that I have for Him. He is so so SO beautiful. He is God! I can’t face His beauty for HE is Allah!
He begins with “Alif” and but doesn’t end with “Hay“. ! He is so continuous, so in a flow, so deep, so serene, so smooth, so GREAT. They eyes can look up for Him and that’s when He stares and understands, they eyes move down and He blesses us! He helps us every time we need Him. He never says no. We are so blessed to have God! He lives inside us. I literally talk to Him and He has given me answers to most of my questions. I’ve asked Him for help in the IMPOSSIBLE situations and He has turned the wrong into right. O I love Him for His beauty, His love for me is so strong and so is mine At times I feel like I’ll collapse but His grip is so strong on me that I can’t and instead, I face :’)

All thanks to the One and Only beauty of my life, Allah.

-The unconditional love it is…

The inspiration of this post is a song, again. If music makes me get lost in Him, then I love it! Say Afreen Afreen 🙂 Fateh Ali Khan/Ibteda/Afreen Afreen – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.mp3


2 thoughts on “He’s Beautiful

  1. Yes, HE is beautiful and HIS divinity and grace can't be explained.
    But being so in relation with HIM and so loving HIM, one is supposed to obey and accept what HE said and it is known that HE has prohibited MUSIC and called it as HARAM.
    So, MUSIC is taking you more towards HIM, the thing which is marked as HARAM by HE HIMSELF.. Do you really think it is right?
    NOTE: I am not criticising thee, neither I am trying to be sarcastic because I myself am a mere lump of flesh who isn't a saint at all. But it's just something popped into the billion neural cells of my brain, so I mentioned. You may not answer to it.


  2. I never said that I am a pure and GOOD muslim and neither did I ever claim to be! I know I am bad at many things but I submit to Him and I am satisfied 🙂 I'll slowly change. And wil change when He gives the order. No matter How bad I am, He stilll loves me and so do I :')


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