Happy Birthday BFF!

jan-12aI cannot make it as special as the last one but I can’t forget it either and neither can I stay without wishing you. I cannot make 23 (oh 24 this time) cards for you this time but I can select the best and keep them with me. I cannot make the video this time for you and mail it to you because I’ve lost all the pictures that were in my laptop including my cute little (like yours) laptop :O . It’s no more with  me 😦 (sad story). I cannot give those little cute stuff to you this time but I can collect them for myself. Haha! Well its useless when you’re no more there. But Oh i can never forget my traditions 😉 Ah! the memories. It’s like a movie going on in front of my eyes. I do have memories for I didn’t lose my memory at least :p I  Staying in touch with you forever was what I used to believe in but you changed my belief. Thanks anyways 🙂 I did follow MY way though 😀 Indifferent 😉

You’re so right (as per your cover photo on facebook, oh not to forget I still am a stalker *winks*) that “people change, memories don’t.” I swear they don’t. In fact, the hard ones sting like thorns. But sometimes those thorns bring out such blood that is worth the tears for they are not painful but pleasurable. Well I have been missing you all this time since you’re away. But it was you who made the choice of being apart and so I am living with it. But I cannot say that I don’t miss you. I do! And on your birthday, I’ve no words. Staying quiet is better I guess *gentle smile*

Greeting Birthday Card with Cute Bear

I hope you’re happy with your friends :$ . I’ve lost everything already so no need to be possessive about my friendships anymore. I’ve left everything, including myself. Enjoy the day with pleasure. I hope your room mate and side room mate make it very special 😀 Haha! It was a point, ROOM MATE 😛

iMiss you ALOT! Happy Birthday Em 🙂 ♥

P.S. I hate you :@



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BFF!

  1. But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
    All losses are restored and sorrows end.
    ~William Shakespeare


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