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Diary ♥ Doo Buddy Doo ♥

Something that has really made me nostalgic. Was going through my old notes and found this so thought to share it on my blog. iMiss this Diary for I no more have it 😥

It’s with me whenever I need it. Although now I’ve turned old and busy in bloody hell kinda scientific studies and miss it a lot but still find time to at least draw once in 2 months! It’s my third regular diary and I believe that it would pass through the same situation from whicch others have passed- MUMMYFIED 😀 That’s how things are kept safe 😛 P.s- These are only FEW pages NON-PERSONAL =D

By Nazish ❤
Addy >_<
Look at the comments by Em :O
Em ❤

umm :s
just lil something :s
Imaginary Dost 🙂
Weird mood :/
I wish it was the First page 😀
Look at her comments :O iMiss Em! 😦
Old is Gold!
Humans :/
Chocolates Day ❤