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Struggling for Death

iClick by Arshi

Lying in the bed, I suddenly came up with a line, “we are struggling for the death” and had a long debate regarding it with a friend. We don’t actually yearn for life, we don’t do the good things for life, we don’t pass through so many pathways for life, but death. We are in struggle to make a perfect death for ourselves.Because we get life just once and we’ve already got that so how can we even struggle for that? What we get next is death and for that we face so many hardships, see so many good things, go through such great happenings and enjoy at our best. We make all the struggle in life just for the end, death!

We want to me remembered and acknowledged in life and a person is mostly acknowledged soon after he dies. Life has so many colors but what we struggle for is white; it’s plain, pure and peaceful. We see pleasurable things, we actually enjoy the journey towards death and feel that its for a great living but in real, it’s towards a peaceful sleep 🙂

“The journey of life lead towards death.”


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