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Turning 22

Every birthday has been the most special and surprising for me everytime no matter what the situation is. This time, turning 22 not only literally made me feel that I am grown up now but the surprises were also like the ones for grown ups 😀 Getting a big gift in advance and making the day special by someone best, cutting the cake un the last hour of the day, friends cutting the cake of my name and blowing up the candles while showing it to me on skype and I, missing them like anything. Wishes from Era :p , prayers from elders-my very own uncle and auntie, joy of youngers-my little sweet cousins, love of friends besides that I am thousands of miles away from them-Em celebrating it in her own way giving me hatred expressions full of love-oh she has been the best part of me, everything was so amazing this time 🙂 I am very very very lucky to have great people in my life, tgey always have made me feel Special and honoured. Thanks to EVERYONE who had been the part of my turning 22 and being wuth me wven at thw hardest stage of life. I love you all. This post is dedicated to all of you 🙂

-Yours, A

2 thoughts on “Turning 22

  1. A for Adventurous, Adorable, Atypical, Angelic, Awsome
    and A for YOU! =p
    A strong girl like you deserve much more =). wishing you a prosperous, healthy, adventurous (in a good way =P) and Peaceful life.


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