My Diary's Page

Forget and Move on!

Life is all about forgetting the past, ignoring the bad things happening in present and moving on for a brightened future made by our thoughts and feelings. The past is harsh to us at times and don’t let us take a step ahead but once the step is taken, then there should be no looking back because when you decide to leave something, you better not regret your decision. This will make you strong and teach you about the right and wrong 🙂

Sometimes, in order to move towards the future, you have to take a step back and see if there’s any hurdle coming up. That step should be taken very carefully because at times moving back becomes risky. Anyhow, If there is any obstacle, clear it. If there isn’t any, then better move ahead without looking back. And once you move forward, you better not be chased by your past no matter what. Because that’s how we move on and live happily 🙂


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