My Diary's Page

Those Fake Claps

Well I remember those times when I was a child, sitting in a school’s hall, the boring speech of the Principal would continue for hours and I used to fake clap. Haha! Remembering those times are good though 😛 🙂 We were so cute and stupid, no? 😀

“Those fake claps after our principle’s speech” continued even in college life. They always have been a part of us till the time we are alive and would never leave us! Even if we are in universities, these speeches follow us, and admit it but clapping is the moment when we realize that we didn’t listen to a single word going on the stage by the principal/dean/chief guest/boss or anyone who is giving a note of thanks or lecture on any issue. No matter what the situation is, let it be school, college, university, office, a seminar, conference, training session or what so ever, these fake claps are the part of it and we cannot neglect them 😉


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