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Insecurities-Heart Throbbed!

Being too much sensitive is so painful and hard at times. One cannot always cope up with such a feelings. One feels like he’ll flunk some day. The heart throbs so fast and so painfully that the tears cannot stop its beats though the tears has a power to stop ones inner depressions. The insecurities arise with the harsh things one face in life. These insecurities literally kills a person.

One should never make you expect something from him/her. It thrashes you apart if they don’t go the way they seem to be. One shouldn’t fully trust anyone in the world. In no time, that trust is broken into pieces. One shouldn’t speak a single word even if something hurts him so bad that he is literally ditched by life. It will bring more tears to himself only.

What is wrong in adding a humour to your bad moments of life? One would never ever feel the pain you’ve been through when you laugh at your miseries, and even if you don’t, they will give a damn because they are never at your place. The laughter should be just limited to your inside, just to make your self happy, just to move on! This world is so weird. If you cry, they get fed up with you. If you laugh, they think you’re the happiest person in life and no matter what things ruin your life, they wont effect you. They take you as a fun without realizing that inside, you-re literally B.R.O.K.E.

PS. I am so afraid of even talking now 😦

Feeling Terrible atm.


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