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Good Ol’ Times!

There are a few songs which take you down the memory lane, the best times of your life ❤ When you laugh and others laugh with you, when you are away and they ask you to be there, back again, when you chill out just in a blink and smile for no reason 🙂 and some times, the times when you have nothing but to cry only and there was at least some one who used to look at your long nails, filled with the crayon particles and feel sad about your mood, gives you a chocolate and let you forget about the bad things just for a second at least ❤ these were my good old hostel days, when I was back there in Peshawar. Those were the real good times having real great friends 🙂 *heart*


Well, this song is being dedicated from a friend of those times and Gosh! I’m back to those years :O Good times with each one of them ❤ Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I ❤ you for this 😀 This post is dedicated to you, baby 😀





That’s Life

-Arsh Azim

Here’s that old song:


Courtesy: Jane Tu Ya Janay Na

PS. I already love this movie a lot! 😛 Resembles me in a way 😉


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