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Deserted in Mysticism

Mystics and Sufism has always been my second love and I always planned to have a huge collection of the books related to it. Islam, being one of the richest religions has the best of Sufism and Saints in it’s history. “Being a die-heart fan of Rumi, how could I possibly miss a book ON Rumi?”  I wondered after reading less than half of “The forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak. How can I not know about such a book while I am a good-book-eater (not worm for it spoils books!)? :O It is one of the best books that caught my attention and I am seriously in love with it’s each word, its each sentence.

The review on it will soon be written of course on my blog but I seriously couldn’t resist sharing how I began with it! Its each sentence is a quote ❤ Each word of Darvesh aka Shams of Tabriz is Mystical and magical!! I dedicate my this weekend to the book on Rumi. It’s definitely Love ❤

“If one speaks ill of God, he speaks ill of himself.”

-The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Book Review: Coming Soon


The favourite page has been shared as an imagine. MUST READ!

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