The Reluctant Fundamentalist-Book Review

bookAll the narrative story lovers, this book is for you.

I didn’t like it much thought because:

1. The story was mundane and usual

2. A very common scenario all around the book

3. It didn’t make me curious at all because curiosity is something that must come up with every book

4. I didn’t enjoy reading it all the time!

5. I couldn’t find any obvious lesson in it

The story goes all over a coffee table and is about a Pakistani who goes to New York for studying via financial aid and then gets a job but soon face difficulties after the 9/11 at World Trade Centre. There, he meets an English girl and then the story continues with all what happened between them. I can’t be a spoiler though 😛 Mohsin Hamid is a good writer but I wonder why did he chose to write such a book. No criticism but he could’ve done it better. The style wasn’t capturing enough.

I personally would not recommend this book but yes it is one light read and good if you have nothing to read 😉 🙂


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