40 Rules of Enlightenment

An Inspiration, Finally!

An Inspiration by Arsh

The age I’ve spent till now i.e. 22 years, 3 months, 14 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes and 2 seconds, I’ve been wondering what could possibly inspire me. Every time I had been asked a question, “Who is your Inspiration?”, my answer was, “none!” But now I have an answer, not exactly who but WHAT. Yes, I am not inspired by a person but those 40 rules said specifically by that person. If the question comes, “What’s your inspiration?”, I’ve got it’s answer now which is, “the forty rules of religion of love!”

Well, I’ve been highly inspired from the book by Elif Shafaq “The Forty Rules of Love.”

Shams of Tabriz says it in his way and I’ll explain it in my way. They are those 40 rules that I’ve been searching for, for all these years I’ve spent on the face of Earth. Though my search is not over yet but yes I can claim that I do have an inspiration now that has been actually within me but I found it after exploring thousands of readings in my life time which is possibly not a hard task but neither an easy one! 🙂

Shams was in search of his beloved- God and Rumi, his beloved- Shams and they both united for they were seeking true love


Each Rule of Shams is truly depicting my each rule of life towards enlightenment but it has always remained inside. Either I was too much scared of exposing what truly was dwelling inside me because the people I am living in would call it “immaturity” and in more political way,“Blasphemy” or I would’ve been easily called as “Insane.” Ah! The term is very scary but not any more, for me at least. When Shams of Tabriz was not afraid of telling his inner voice, why should I have that fear? Instead, I should scream and shout and for the pleasure, pen it down 🙂 Yes, those 40 Rules of Enlightenment!

Starting my 40 days of explaining those forty rules of religion of Love from tomorrow, it would require a lot of courage but as I’ve always kept my faith alive and have achieved a lot with this thought, I will start it with Aliff Allah and then with the letter ب stating Bissmillah…


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