40 Rules of Enlightenment · Poetry

Rule # 11- Perfection via Pain

Perfection via Pain by Arsh

Rule # 11

The midwife knows that when there is no pain, the way for the baby cannot be opened and the mother cannot give birth. Likewise, for anew Self to be born, hardship is necessary. Just as clay needs to go through intense heat to become strong, Love can only be perfected in pain.

-The Forty Rules of Love

As far as love is considered, oh it teaches a lot! And it can only be perfected after a suffering, after loneliness, after dying once. No wonder pain teaches in a wonderful way. Nothing comes all of a sudden. Instead, to invent/create something, one has to struggle a lot and set himself on fire to bring out something great. “The end” never exists. Its getting up after dying- the fact!

Holding on to love

Is hard yet beautiful.

The pain that’s suffered

Hurts, yet satisfies.

The solace is given

Only after the tears.

Purity is brought

Right after death.

-Hence perfection gained!

-Arsh Azim

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