40 Rules of Enlightenment · Poetry

Rule # 17- Purity of Heart

Purity of Heart by Arsh

Rule # 17

Real filth is the one inside. The rest simply washes off. There is only one type of dirt that cannot be cleansed with pure waters, and that is the stain of hatred and bigotry contaminating the soul. You can purify your body through abstinence and fasting, but only love will purify your heart.

-The Forty Rules of Love

A pure heart is the one that’s not only clean but looks like a glass, so that when one looks in it, he smiles and there’s no guilt any where. Hatred brings dust and filth to the soul while love purifies the contaminated soul. Hence let the love washes away all the dirt, thence one shalth be clean from all kinds of impurities.

Wash away

all the stains

for it brings

Just contamination.

Let the love

Come your way

To flow away

From astray

Hence thee will get 

Internal satisfaction.

-Purity of heart!

-Arsh Azim

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