From the Past week

I was wondering what I’ve been going through since the past week. I don’t know if the time is bad or is the timing but nothing seems to go on the right way. Depression, sad tweets and statuses, Level of nicotine and caffeine that’s taking me to another level of addiction, headache, blurred sight, disturbed sleep, weird routine, no proper balance, and what not. I just thought to post the tweets from my last week’s twitter activity just to review how worst had it been.

Note: This post is not being made to gain sympathies and neither do I want anyone to feel pity over me. It’s just a food for thought for me so that I move on and STOP being depressed!


What a world man, what a world. Depression on its peak! >_<

I hope this coffee works for the whole day now! Under-sleeping these days -.-

Time to die!

Or maybe I’m just low :’|

or just say, maternal sickness 😐 Though I never knew how it is 😐

Home sickness :/

Rumi is love ❤ via

I just want to be lost forever, and never come back to this place. It hurts me like thorns

Lumpy throat, teary eyes, headache

I puffed it up and slept to get cured….

is when you miss of your own! 😥

Height of BC-ness when you can’t think of anything good >_<

I just wanna sleep and never wake up

Because nicotine and caffeine are good for me these days


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