Children of Dubai · My Photography

The Cyclist


This child has a funny story. One night, while walking on the beach with my friends, I saw him riding on his bicycle on the bumpy area so I just went towards him to take his picture. He totally said “NO” :O I asked, “what’s your name?” He said “Eugene” ( I think. I don’t remember it because he wasn’t clear in his tone 😛 )

Me: What do you want to become?
Him: I’ll ride on my cycle and you watch me!

Me: Don’t you want to be someone great in your future?
Him: I’ve a bicycle

Me: NO! Okay forget it. Smile?
Him: No you leave it. I’ll ride my cycle you take my picture and I’ll ride again and you watch me I’ll win the race.

Me: All right go ahead.

He started his ride and suddenly fell and I took his shot 😀 He fell some 4-5 times and in the end said, “okay finish I’m tired.” I asked him for his one last picture and he wasn’t smiling clearly. I asked him to smile with mouth wide open. He did it way too much time later and when he did, his front teeth were seen broken 😀 for which he said, “see, I don’t have teeth but I’ve a bicycle now don’t laugh bye” Haha! 😀 One of the cutest children I’ve ever seen. Pretty genius too 😛

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