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Just Like That

Well, it’s been long since I blogged. Busy routine, all time work, and then Ramadan – too much came up all of a sudden and I just couldn’t press the keyboard keys for longer span (though I did move my pen on the pages of my diary). Any ways, coming back to the point to write something for my readers, I cannot come up with any good idea. The rules that I started writing on, they’re still pending and so is my poetry and those little write-ups, one liners, random sayings and stuff from everywhere else. Maybe it’s just the writers block that I am going through now a days but until I don’t write at least SOME THING, I just can’t get it off me.

So much has been happening in the last few days. Things have changed dramatically and so has life. Sometimes life took a U-turn and other times it just crossed the red signal having no idea what was coming ahead. No wonder life can bring a lot within seconds even if you’re not ready for it. In the end, either you will simply learn from it or just let it go and move on…

Right now, if I keep on writing more, I’ll just spill out everything which isn’t my thing. I like keeping the mysteries closed and let others make stories out of one sentence 😉 enough thoughts for today? See ya’ soon 🙂


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