My Diary's Page

Desire to Write- bring it on!

The desire to write grows with writing.

-Desiderius Erasmus

These days, I am so much in mood to write on and on and on… BUT this work and busy schedule just don’t let me do so. Still I try to manage it and write at least something once in a while. When I am jumbling up with thoughts, I feel busted and until I don’t write something, I stay numb. This time, it’s happening in a weird way and I just can’t retaliate it more. It’s been so long since I wrote any “rule” – a series that I started in last summer after getting inspired by a book of Elif Shafak (Refer to The Forty Rules of Enlightenment). And yesterday, something (I don’t know what) made me come up with another rule and I just penned it down here for the readers. My journal (way too personal) that is for everyday stories sometimes is left empty for almost a week or 10 days and in one day I sit and write almost everything happening in the past days hence filling it up.

The desire to write is getting strong and oh, I am damn serious about one thing- please make me bleed for once (anyone), hurt me with anything so that I burst up into something best. I’m in mood to write these days. All I need now is an inspiration and for that I need to get hurt, in a bad bad way.




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