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It IS Painful

Shattered Glass

Sometimes I feel like things repeatedly happen in my life. All bad comes like a season- in the same month, in those same dates, in the same weather, with the same strength.

One gets shattered once, the more you break it, the tinier it becomes. But what if that one person gets so much shattered that there is no more chances left in order to break it and that every tiny piece starts getting lost? I believe I’ve reached to that stage. The more I am broken, the more I get lost-with each single day and in each second of a minute. Life is hard, so so hard, that sometimes I am not able to face it. What would running cause? Temporary shelter? That temporary shelter when vanishes brings such a huge storm that each piece within a body breaks and gets lost. This happens, I swear. And it’s bad. Really really bad. It hurts, it stings, it endlessly kills.

Breaking heart is easy, mending it isn’t impossible but the scars are left forever. They can’t be removed. This one stain stays till the last breath of life. People call it emotional drama and I call it an unheard a cry from inside. I don’t know what things are going to come. People say that facing hardships makes one stronger. But what if you’ve given away all your strengths for the sake of happiness and what you’re left with is that one little weakness which if taken will cause you death?

-Feels entirely broken


6 thoughts on “It IS Painful

  1. Be strong and don’t surrender!! Life is a mix of things and if it isn’t mix of emotions, happy/unhappy moments, it is equal to no life. Humans are made strong enough to cope up with hard times, the problem is they just give up easily 🙂


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