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Feeling Good: NaBloPoMo # 5

Today is a fresh start of a good day. Woke up with a good news, currently sitting at a new place with a fresh mind and creativity at peak, and most importantly I am happy 😀

Well, sometimes it’s not about the things that you get, the luxuries and stuff but is more about the environment you’re surrounded with and the people you’re surrounded by. All a women needs is respect and when she gets that, she flies over the moon.

In my life, I used to think that women gets respect no matter what. But I’ve been through so many things that what I ended up with was that a women never gets one in this world. Today, I am feeling good because I felt respected truly from the heart. Honestly, now I realize that work environment is the most important thing one must consider in order to have a good night sleep.

God bless us all.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Good: NaBloPoMo # 5

  1. Its your first day so give it some time before reaching to a conclusion. However, i wish you the best in future and remember money doesn’t matter, the thing that matters is satisfaction. 🙂


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