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Living it Up: NaBloPoMo # 6

Life is all about living it up the way you want it because nobody would be answerable for your mess when it comes on you. At worst, they’ll just say, “everything will be fine” which just spoils ones mood a bit more. It doesn’t help in any way, hence useless.

If we spend our lives in thinking rubbish like, “what would others think if I take this or that step,” it will just spoil our lives, very easily and nastily. Why thinking weird when we’ve been given full right to live our lives the way we want it? There are limitations, there are restrictions, but we’ve been blessed with brains to think over what’s right and what’s wrong. We can differentiate and take steps according to that. Life is worth living happily. It’s not worth taking tensions or getting into depressions for nothing. I’ll suggest, just give everything a smile and live it up! 🙂


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