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Yet to be Decided: NaBloPoMo # 8

I was just wondering that what I should really become. I mean, till now I didn’t get any idea of how I should pursue my career. Things that I want to do, I am not able to do them due to several reasons. For instance, when I want to become a writer, I don’t get the right platform of “what writings I really want to take ahead.” Sometimes, I want to become a photographer but then again, I cannot do things that OTHERS ask me to do. I am confident enough about myself and I know what to do and how to do. I don’t need to be told and this thing sucks. Bosses become bossy and life becomes uneasy. You cannot do things that you’re capable of, just because you’re under someone. Why not become your own boss? I already co-founded a platform Revolution Flame but then there came a time when I wasn’t allowed to work for it (personal matters). Why so? Why can’t one do things that he really wants? I know my attitude and I know what I am capable of. Things that I am working on these days, well I really can do them but why not with my choice? I wonder when will I get MY PATH and reach MY GOALS.

God bless us!


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