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Freelancing: NaBloPoMo # 9

To be very honest, the most that I enjoyed in my professional life was:

  • Being a Psychologist
  • Being a Freelancer

But here, I’ll talk about freelancing. Although psychology can be associated with it because I surely can become a freelance psychologist (innovative, ain’t it? 😀 ) but what I actually am trying to say is that being a freelance photographer/writer/speaker was more than fun in my life. I could do anything the way I wanted it. I could go to any company, work for anyone without contracts and legal matters. In short, I was free. Freedom is such a blessing oh Lord. I realize it now.

In my personality, I believe there’s versatility. I can be anything, I can be molded towards any career or any kind of project. I am a quick learner and I love knowing different things that are out of anybody’s league. The harder, the better for me. But the most that I enjoyed was freelancing. It’s awesome to be free 😉 Freelancing is actually my business and it’s me who decides where to go and what to do. Ain’t it amazing? 🙂


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