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Getting Apart: NaBloPoMo # 11

Sometimes, it’s so hard to get apart from someone, and sometimes it’s totally impossible but there’s a time when you really need to get away from that someone. It’s not because you want to get away but because that other someone wants some space, and you really need to hurt yourself to make someone you love the most, happy. Well, I don’t know where is it coming from. Sharing it just like that. I don’t know what to say. Things are always so messy. GOD!


One thought on “Getting Apart: NaBloPoMo # 11

  1. Nice One. Agree but there some moments comes by using that can handles things, if someone use his/her mind so that both parties remains happy.Leaving and going away instantly for someone in a blink Give too much Heart Pain which remains & strike that person with same power…


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