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The Past: NaBloPoMo # 12

Sometimes I wonder, why does this “past” sting so much? It has so many things in it that will not let you sleep at nights and work in days. Past is passed but why does it bother us so much? It’s not concerned with the present but then why does it come in front of us all of a sudden and tear our hearts apart? Why does it hurt our souls? Why does it keep on stinging us like thorns? Even if the past is not ours, it stings, it hurts, it kills the inside, tremendously. Why can’t we just get it off our heads because come on its PASSED! I think it’s because we are afraid that it MIGHT spoil our present. It might happen again because it happened once and there’s a chance. Or maybe because there should be something that doesn’t allow us to be completely happy.

I wish this never happened.



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