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The Present: NaBloPoMo # 13

The present is always so different. You don’t know what’s happening and things just happen. You don’t intend to do things and they happen just like that. You don’t mean to take certain steps but they take you to somewhere weird and you are scared to regret it even because that’s not what you thought should happen and you feel bad to tell your worst decisions. You don’t want to look stupid and just go with the rhythm. You don’t want things to be ruined. Sometimes, it’s like when you want to make the present right, it gets worse without any reason. You lose your mind and you don’t know what’s happening. You want to forget the bad things and this make it worst. You want to get rid of Satan and he just dwells into you more and more. I don’t understand what this is. But the lesson that I’ve learned now is that it’s better to sit quiet, not to talk or share what you feel, and see how things will turn to you. Because no matter what you do, something that’s written will happen. So it’s totally useless to talk in this world.



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