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Each Word Matters: NaBloPoMo # 15

Sometimes, things are said just like that. Sometimes we say things out of nowhere and we don’t realize that they might hurt people. Other times, we say things that are not meant to be said and then don’t follow them hence hurting others expectations. Each word should be said with full care. If we don’t care about the words that we say, we won’t be trusted or even respected. It’s a very famous quote, “Think before you speak” but not everybody understands the meaning of it. Each word matters, and one will realize it’s worth after either losing or gaining something big. My life has taught me one big lesson of choosing each word carefully before speaking it and honestly, I’ve lost a lot. I’ve no more stamina for the losses and I’ve committed to myself that from now on wards, I’ll be thinking thrice before speaking ANYTHING. The same advice goes for you all.


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