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This Heartbeat: NaBloPoMo # 17

My heart is beating really fast. There’s a thought that’s coming to me every now and then and when it comes, it’s scaring me off. I wake up during sleep, I feel restless, I dream about it, I shiver when I get up. I can’t control it because it’s not in my will. My breath rate is high, I can feel the beats all over my chest. It’s pumping so wildly. I wonder why these thoughts will even come to me. They’re scaring me and all I need you to do is say that one thing which I am expecting from you. Please say it, please make me feel that you’re going to say it. I told my self a million times that I will stop expecting from you but this heart doesn’t understand. Please tell me that one thing which I am eagerly waiting to listen to. It’s not about anything out of love and stuff. It’s just that I want you to tell me this thing. There are no hints, no nothing. I want you to realize it that you really need to say that to me. And if you didn’t I’ll be broken into half.


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